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    In waters off the coast of Israel, an odd white figure was bobbing in the cold water. Was it a boat? A pelican? No. It was an Australian sheep, swimming for his life.

    Sahar, as he became known, had jumped or fallen from the nearby pier where a live export ship was unloading. He was exhausted, and struggling to stay afloat. His fleece was waterlogged, and his thin legs — never intended for swimming — were paddling fast but failing to keep his head above water.

    Were it not for the decisive actions of a 14 year old boy who jumped into the water and raised the alarm, Sahar's life may have ended then and there. But instead, an extraordinary rescue operation began to save Sahar from slaughter…

    More photos & full story:

    Few sheep who board live export ships can hope to evade brutal slaughter at the other end. Help save more animals like Sahar:

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    Kon Tsimiklis in the New Art Space
    Friends of Art Haus

  • Whale Art Exhibition by Veronika Kring
    Saturday, July 14 at 4:30pm at Victor Harbor Art Haus

  • Art Haus Kaffee
    Art Haus Coffee

  • Goolwa Alive
    Each year on the Sunday of the October Long Weekend the Goolwa Traders close the main street in Goolwa for a street festival showcasing local produce and businesses. A fun day out for the entire family with pony rides, face painting, food & wine, craft fair, Cittaslow Expo and much more.

  • City of Victor Harbor acting on coastal protection – Local News – News – General – The Times
    VICTOR HARBOR – The City of Victor Harbor has replenished the sand along The Esplanade and Franklin Parade in an attempt to prevent further coastal erosion of the dunes.

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    Chicken Run – Australia's Largest Farmed Animal Rescue – has begun! But we need your help! @[14652665129:274:Edgar's Mission] is currently looking to rehome several battery hens that have been surrendered by a battery hen farmer who wants out and doesn’t want to send the hens to slaughter. You MUST fill in a prospective adoption form! For more information please click here –
  • Would you like to connect with one of Australia's leading green Architects ?


    Would you like to connect with one of Australia's leading green Architects ?

    Friends of Victor Harbor , Friends of Goolwa , Friends of Port Adelaide

    Ian Hannaford
    Nature Architecture

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